The Pork

Premium Selections

Our selections of pork are fresh to you on a regular basis. We offer the convenience of an automatically processed order or the option to update your order at your convenience. From farm to butcher to your family’s table, each selection will be fresh, savory, and flavorful.

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Half & Whole Hogs

A half hog fills your freezer with 60 pounds of freshly frozen pork while a whole hog provides 120 pounds. The half and whole hog options are a fixed price. 

A common question, “How much freezer space will I need?” When preparing your freezer to hold 60lbs of pork we recommend leaving at least one shelf on your standing freezer available. If you have a chest freezer, scooch a few items out of the way to make room for a 12″ x 12″ box. You will be able to stack your pork.



Not sure you are ready to dive into a half or whole hog? A great introduction would be to try one of our boxed bundles. There are a variety of options. Choose the one best suited for your family dinner table or a guy’s grill night.

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