Oven Pancakes

If we’re to believe the most recent reports, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We’re not about to disagree but see no reason to limit breakfast meals to only the daylight hours. The Oven Pancake is a childhood favorite in the Knapp home. In all reality, not much has changed now that we’re grown. We still enjoy a quick and easy oven pancake a few times a month. And not just for breakfast.

An oven pancake is the perfect Sunday morning family meal. Mix it all up, throw it in the oven, and voila, hot and fresh breakfast in 30 minutes. The oven pancake is ideal because it requires no babysitting and if you’re like us, more than a few traditional pancakes become scorched in the hustle and bustle of the Sunday morning rush!

Serve with a side of fresh fruit, your favorite Knapp Sunrise breakfast pork, and you’re off to the races. Family gathered at the table for breakfast is the perfect start to any day.

Enjoy an oven pancake and create memories together that will last a lifetime.

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