Green Eggs and Ham?

While we are not opposed to Dr. Seuss we do try to avoid consuming green eggs. So instead of greens eggs paired with our fresh ham we opt for green peas. These wintry nights call for comfort foods, specifically Ham and Pea Casserole.

We regularly enjoy a ham roast but often are plagued with leftovers. If your family is anything like ours, leftovers quickly become abandoned in the recesses of your refrigerator. Whose job is it to eat all those leftovers, anyway? One way to use the last bit of your ham is to throw it into a quick casserole.

To prevent feelings of, ‘I am so sick of ham!’ and for family preservation we take action with those leftover portions of ham. After the first meal of leftovers it will be diced, stored in a Ziplock, and frozen for future use. The convenience of pre-diced ham makes Ham and Pea Casserole a breeze. It also speaks to those of us who want to kinda meal plan but not really meal plan. This is like getting your toes wet but not total submersion, it’s a safe place.

This is a simple meal and a great way to introduce cooking to your littles. Have them help you pour the noodles, measure out the peas, mix the cheese sauce into the noodles, and crumble bread. It will probably be messy. There will be a plume of flour and salt scattered across the counter. It will assuredly take longer. But the giggles and memories will far out weigh the mess. Besides, teaching them when they’re young means as ravenous teenagers they are more than capable of feeding themselves!

Savor the moments. They are fleeting.

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